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Episode #3: Who Taught you to Hold a Knife Like That?

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Three weeks in and we have hit a snag! I (Melanie) got sick, like REALLY sick and had to go to the E.R. to see what the problem was and we found out that I had…appendicitis!!! Seth went back home with the kids while I mentally prepared myself for SURGERY!! After 15 very painful hours of not sleeping or eating I was wheeled in for my appendectomy. Yuck. 

But y’all, I am a fighter, and while having surgery is no fun at all it made me stronger, and I didn’t die from an infected appendix, so that’s a plus!!

Recovering from surgery gave me some down time to gather my Stronger Marriages Podcast thoughts together to try and create the most helpful episodes that I could, so I really hope you all like what I come up with.

I did a Skype interview with Dr. Dan Siegel from the Mindsight Institute in Santa Monica California and we talked about some of the ideas shared in episode #3 “Who Taught You to Hold a Knife Like that?” which is all about our cultural differences. Dr. Siegel gave me great insight about the idea that couples should try to be a fruit salad instead of a smoothie, but I can’t explain it so you’ll just have to go listen to the episode!

And if you are wondering where I came up with the name for this episode it is from a real story in our marriage when we were visiting Seth’s family back in South Carolina and his grandmother was watching me eat dinner and asked, “Who taught you to hold a knife like that?”

There was a very strong hint in her voice that I was doing it incorrectly 😉

Dr. Claudia Grauf-Grounds and Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott of Seattle Pacific University join us again this week and share what they know about the way that culture influences our relationships and I interview my friend Agnes who is Indonesian and her husband Ale who is from Spain and ask them about the difficulties that culture can bring to a marriage.

I am getting better and excited to keep on creating these episodes!

Watch the trailer for Episode #3 here!

See ya next week,

-Melanie and Seth
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  • GlennPettit

    Melanie, Seth, and Matt, Thank you so much for this series. Bits and pieces are becoming more clear about what’s happened and what COULD happen in my marriage. The cultural aspect — especially perceived disrespect=perceived threat — seems to be playing a big part in our marriage. I forgive you for the little bobble on “fruit salad.” 😀