10 Tips For Those Dating and Thinking About Marriage

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Some real quick thoughts….my wife’s list is here
1. Abuse and misuse of sex won’t be resolved in marriage.
2. Purity is not just refraining from sex – bible says run away from sexual sin no other sin affects the body like that….3. Porn and masturbation doesn’t stop when you get married.

4. How your see and perceive sex today is probably nowhere close to how it will be in marriage.

5. Girls don’t want to date guys that send dickpics and guys don’t want to date girls that post selfies in hardly any clothes all day long on instagram.

6. Girls want to be pursued in dating and in marriage. Don’t just do coffee and then try and bone.

7. If a guy asks you for anal he is 100% into porn and you should shove something in his butt instead of him in yours.

8. While dating talk about your full history with sex and past partners and leave everything on the table.

9. Tinder and coffee meets bagel and grinder and 100 other apps on your phone are yesterday’s version of backpages and a step below prostitution.

10. Don’t get desperate and settle.

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