10 Tips From My Wife For Those Dating and Thinking About Marriage.

Craig posted this earlier …here are my thoughts and dating tips for those thinking about marriage  – Jeanette

1. Get to know someone really well. Date for a while.

2. Pay attention to red flags. don’t avoid them. Zero contact with family is a red flag.

3. Listen to friends and Family. If they are warning you listen to them not your feelings.

4. Doubts. You will have them about each other but when you are engaged the heartache and insurance goes away.

5. Take compatibility test and counseling.. read books. learn about each other and marriage. – five love languages, love and respect, for women only and for men only.

6. learn how to fight well. stay away from words like aways and never.

7. Sex can wait. stds and babies and ultimately believing gods way is better.

8. Your vows are forever not until it gets hard.

9. Marriage is work. everyday .

10. Don’t Settle.

If you are thinking about marriage I hope these dating tips help you.

This post was first published here and is used with permission:

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