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11 Thoughts For My 11 Year Old

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My son just turned 11. My wife is almost 40 and I am not a 20 something pastor from southern California any more. My dad died last year and my buddy just lost his mom recently which scares me to think time is short on this earth and every day we are one day closer to our last day.

Every year on our wedding anniversary my wife writes me a new verse to a song/poem that she wrote me when we were first married. I think last year we realized it had been 4 years since the last verse got added. She caught up.

I started writing some things for my son for his birthday and landed on 11 things for my son who turns 11. I won’t share all the personal stuff on this site that I wrote because this is a blog and that was a card I wrote for him not for you but will share with you the highlights. Just the highlights because it was a fun thing to do and sit and think about 11 things to share with him.

Like most of the things I write, this included… I just typed out what I was thinking and then printed it. These by no means are the biggest groundbreaking ideas or thoughts for an 11 year old but just something I wanted to share.

I should start now if I want to get to 40 for Jeanette in November.

I have found that the notes and things I give to my kids they keep and sometimes hang on their wall and the gifts that I give them I often times can’t find or are destroyed… just saying.

11 Thoughts for my son who turns 11.

1. Please stay young. 

2. Work and Play Hard.

3. Be Generous. None of this stuff is ours.

4. Elise is Your Best Friend. Treat Elise like she is the most special person in the world.

5. Remember to laugh and to cry. Its okay to laugh and to laugh out loud. Never get to serious and always remember how fun it is to laugh and to make others laugh. At the same time, I feel like I have told you not to cry. There is nothing wrong with crying.

6. Girls. They are fun. They are complicated and they will soon by calling more and more.

7. Be a leader not a follower. Lead people to things that will bring them life and joy. This is natural for you as I have seen this your whole life.

8. Please get to be a size 10.5 in shoes and stop when you get there so we can always share.

9. Stay humble.

10. Always take trips with your father. I went on one trip with my dad that I can remember overnight until I was 31 years old and then we traveled to so many places together and got to do so many things. Nolan, one of our first trips was to the Wiggles front row on a flight from Michigan to Phoenix when you were just three. Since then I don’t think we can add up all the places we have gone but you are never to old for that and I want that to continue as that is one of the greatest things I have to remember now with my dad.

11. Get to Know Jesus. More important than church or fractions or your career. Spend time with him. He doesn’t ask for much and he is always there. He won’t tweet back at you or FaceTime you but you will start to hear his voice. He will help guide and direct your whole life if you allow him too. Sit and talk to him and let him know your highs and lows and how pissed you were when you got your iPod taken away for 2 months and just listen. You might not hear his voice out loud but the more you talk to him and just sit and listen the more I think you will hear from him. The bible can seem tough to read when you look at it as a big book but it is full of his words and one of the best ways you get get to know him is right there in those pages.


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