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4 Triggers That Make Your Wife Feel Insecure In Your Relationship

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Here are four triggers that will make your wife feel insecure:

1. Conflict.

For most guys, conflict is just conflict; it is fairly easy to put it out of your head and focus on whatever you’re doing that day.  But for most women… not so much.

In my research for For Men Only, one woman explained it this way: “A lot of desperate feelings surface when I feel like my husband is displeased with me. I know it sounds old-fashioned, and I’m a pretty independent person, but it still really affects me.”

Another woman told me, “When we’re at odds, it’s like nothing is right with the world until that is resolved.

Guys: she needs your reassurance that you still love her, and you’ll get through this just fine.

2. Withdrawal.

When you are faced with conflict, or you feel angry or inadequate, you may retreat into silence to process, avoid saying something hurtful, or even escape unpleasant feelings for a time.  But for the woman in your life, your withdrawal typically generates more anxious emotions.

As one woman explained the feeling, “I know it sounds crazy, but I really do subconsciously wonder, ‘What happens if he doesn’t snap out of it this time?’

Guys: before you get some cave time, tell her “I’m angry and need some space, but I want you to know: we’re okay.”

Print3. Silence.

Women have a radar for unspoken conflict. So when you are quieter than usual, it’s easy to jump to conclusions – even if those conclusions might be wrong.

As one woman described it, “If he’s quiet, it must be me.

Guys: if you’re sitting in silence because you’re pondering the blowup at work, your parents’ health, or that awful turnover in the game Saturday, tell her.  Better yet: talk to her about it.  (“I’m not mad, don’t worry. I’m just concerned about work.  Joe said something about this one client….”)

4. Her emotional bank account is depleted.

Maybe she’s exhausted, or you’ve been absent a lot. Maybe the two of you have unresolved conflicts. Whatever the case (and even if it has nothing to do with you), concerns about your relationship will be more easily triggered if her emotional reserves are low.

Ask her about her feelings, listen with interest as she shares, give her a big hug and tell her how special she is to you.  That will help fill her emotional bank account right back up again!

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This article was originally published here and is used with permission.

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  • Derek

    Wouldn’t it be wiser for women to become Christians, and learn to listen to ‘The Shepherds Voice (John 10:4)’ instead of riding the continual ebb of emotions?

    • Gibbsongirl

      “Listening to the shepherd’s voice” won’t pay your bills, cut your grass, fix your flat tire, or set your broken arm.
      God’s word and grace teach us HOW to do those things with integrity and patience.
      Same with marriage. The gospel doesn’t maintain a marriage. It’s a guidebook to help US maintain our marriages.
      Shouldn’t MEN be listening to that voice and treat women as did the Savior? With tenderness, attentiveness, love and service?