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No matter how long you’ve been together and no matter how good you are at being a couple, hearing and understanding your spouse—and being heard and understood—is always an important aspect of your relationship. Presented below are some terrific and practical thoughts we have on how to communicate like experts.


No matter how in sync you might be with your partner, conflicts will arise. One minute you’re doing great; the next you’re arguing heatedly over which brand of laundry soap to use. It’s okay! We’ve all been there. There’s absolutely nothing wrong at all with conflict—in fact, conflict in relationships is just a natural part of being married—it’s how you handle conflict that matters. Here are some ways to help you master your conflict resolution skills.


Whether you need to stretch every dollar or you just want those dollars to work for your family, getting your financial house in order is no easy task; here are a few thoughts from the StrongerMarriages team about how to do just that.

Raising Kids

Before your kids were born, you probably never guessed how many unique decisions you have to make when it comes to raising your children. Daily you’re faced with thoughts, feelings, questions, and curiosities about shepherding those kids into adulthood. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone; find some great ideas for staying on top of parenting.

Sex and Intimacy

Sex is great. Intimacy is also great. Sex and intimacy are not the same thing, but are two complementary aspects of marriage that go hand in hand. Find out below a few simple ways to grow both of these in your relationship.

Spiritual Growth

When you and your spouse grow closer to God, you’re simultaneously growing closer to one another. Want to grow into a wonderful spiritual intimacy that will reinforce and define your spousal intimacy? Investigate these simple ideas and see what happens.


What an exciting time to be you! We’re sure part of your head is just absolutely spinning with delight as you imagine your future together while the other part of your head is panicking beyond belief as you plan your wedding. Give your head—and the rest of you—some much-needed encouragement by checking out some of these thoughts below.