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BONUS EPISODE #7.2: It’s Really Complicated!

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Our sexy journey continues with Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers of The Northwest Institute on Intimacy, Dr. Less and Leslie Parrot of Seattle Pacific University, and Dr. Corey Allan from Sexy Marriage Radio while we talk more about the complexities of sexuality and intimacy.

Dr. Tina shares her thoughts that intimacy should be like a banquet so on our last trip to Charleston, S.C. we decided to figure out exactly what she meant. We headed downtown and tried oysters for the first time and talk about having a banquet; we ate two-dozen!!!

This episode covers a LOT of different topics like healing from past sexual abuse to finding your gateway into a healthy relationship with your own body and intimacy. There is also a really funny section about the grocery store that cracks me up ever time I listen to it, and I made it!

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Next week is a doozy!

-Melanie and Seth


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