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    Just Say No (To No)

     Started December 22, 2017 Dr. Samuel West is a Swedish psychologist whose research focuses on “innovation and what organizations can do to promote a climate of exploration and experimentation.” In 2017,…

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    Not So Talented Shows (Yet)

    I’ve always hated talent shows, and I’ve always thought that we should probably be calling them something more appropriate, like: Not-So-Talented-Shows. Like, “Hey, would you like to come watch me be…

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    Christian Cannabis

    A brief disclaimer: I wasn’t sure whether or not this “announcement” fits here, after the trust chapter. At this point in our series, it’s old news, anyhow. But the more I…

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    Stepping Out (And Trust Falls)

    “People who have a problem with flying…don’t. What they have is a problem with their lack of control.” A flight attendant told me that recently. I used up every last frequent…