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Episode #7: Don’t Turn The Lights On

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Things are about to get…awkward. 

In episode #7 we pull the covers off of the private world of sex and intimacy with the amazing Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers of The Northwest Institute on Intimacy, and Dr. Corey Allan of Sexy Marriage Radio and the resulting interviews are AMAZING!!

We also took a surprise trip!! Seth and I flew out to Colorado (via San Fransisco) to join The Northwest Institute on Intimacy Passion For Life Couples Intimacy Retreat and OMG it was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

And NO, it was not a crazy sex party, it was a romantic, educational, inspirational retreat where we talked about our life together, drank some wine, ate chocolate and…played pool! 😉 

But there is no rest when you are creating a podcast that will change the world, so here is Seth punching in some audio snippets we had to record while on the retreat.

In this episode #7, we share some of what the retreat was like and hear stories from another couple who went to the retreat four years ago.

Oh, and we made a BONUS EPISODE!!!!

We couldn’t help ourselves, there was so much amazing stuff in the first episode that we decided there needed to be another one just to make sure that people were truly receiving the help and insight that they needed, and I can’t wait for you all to listen to it!

Watch the video for episode #7 below:

Tell us what you think about “Don’t Turn The Lights On,” we really want to know!

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