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Episode #9: Am I Really Like That?

Y’all, we have been SO BUSY! Promoting the Stronger Marriages Podcast is so much fun!!

This week on the Stronger Marriages Podcast we dare to tackle IDENTITY…what are we thinking? We are joined by Dr. Less and Leslie parrot of Seattle Pacific University, Dr. Dan Siegel of the Mindsight Institute, and Mike McHargue from The Liturgist Podcast/Ask Science Mike as we try to untangle the craziness that is identity.

My old friend Nichole Charlie also join us again to share how Nichole’s identity of feeling like she missed being wild as a teenager almost lead to her NOT marrying Charlie! 

This episode is totally based on my own identity crisis of realizing that I am not simply a clone of my mother and that I have some VERY different viewpoints and preferences from her, and the episode follows some of the struggles that ensued while I was trying to figure all of that out.

And I am excited because my home office is complete!!

Here is a sneak peek, a vintage Persian Rug from Craigslist, an amazing velvet sofa from Craigslist AND a precious little baby getting some shut-eye (not from Craigslist).   

I have to take a second to say that we are so grateful and blessed to be a part of the Stronger Marriages team and to be able to create a podcast that is helping couples thrive all while I am able to work from home and be a stay at home mama, it’s so RAD!

Watch the trailer for Episode #9 here.

And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @thestudleys, but don’t make fun of how bad our social media stuff is, we are BUSY making the podcast and being parents!! So make it better by sharing YOUR STORY with us!

Till next week,
Melanie and Seth 


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