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Episode 11: “Hide the Guns”

Seth and I step into the darkest part of our journey, but have no fear light is just around the corner!

In Episode #11, “Hide The Guns” we share our story of domestic violence in hopes that it will help shed light on this terrible reality and give people the courage that it takes to seek safety and get the help they need.

I shamefully admit to being physically abusive and violent to Seth for a short period in our marriage and we talk through some of the thoughts and feelings that we were having during those tumultuous times with Dr. Claudia Grauf-Grounds, Leslie Vernick and a few very brave friends who’ll you remember from previous episodes. 

It is REALLY hard to share some of these things and it takes a lot of courage and a lot of faith in each other to not get ourselves caught up in the hurt and the pain all over again, but we think that it is worth it and feel honored to get share, so thank you for being kind and encouraging as we walk bravely through our story.

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And y’all, next week is our LAST EPISODE!!! I can’t believe it!!

-See you then!
Melanie and Seth


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