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Helping Your Kids Learn to Play Outside

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Hope you enjoy the video. In the video I talk about my rule for why my kids can’t be on their ipods or iphones when their friends are over and how they can learn to play outside.

Why My Kids Can’t Play On Their iPods/Phones When They Have Friends Over  (Original Blog here)

1. Because their friends are over.

2. It makes your phone seem more important then your friend.

3. Want them to be present.

4. They are just wasting time – they aren’t working or answering emails or reading and do anything productive so it is just a complete waste.

5. Looking over someone’s shoulder or having both your heads down into a screen is no way to build any solid relationship.

6. Games on iPhones are different then games on xbox. I beat up on all Nolan’s friends on xbox Fifa and we play together and we play a lot. This brings a whole room on fire sometimes unlike a room of 4 kids with faces looking down on a screen.

7. You can post your memories later enjoy them while they are happening.

8. Kids are nicer most of the time in person than they are online.

9. Because your friends came over to spend time with you.

10. Because my wife made the rule.

This article was originally published here and is used with permission.

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