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How Often Do Men Need to Have Sex?

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Dear Shaunti, You’re the researcher, so please tell me the real answer: How often do men need to have sex?  I just don’t think about sex much; I guess it isn’t a need for me.  But my husband says he thinks about it all the time, and he gets crabby that I’m often too tired.  Even though I can go weeks or months and not miss it, since he can’t, I try to do the right thing.  But oddly, even though he says he’s “deprived”, when I tell him “okay” that just makes him mad.  He says he wants me to want it like he does.  I feel like I can’t win. But if I knew how often a man needs sex I could plan on that, and hopefully that would help.

– Not Feeling Frisky

Dear Not Feeling Frisky,

How would you feel if you told your husband, “I need to hear you say ‘I love you’,” and he heaved a big sigh and said, “Okay, I’ll try to say it.  But how often do you need to hear it?  Is once a week okay?  Whatever it is, tell me, and I’ll plan on that.

My guess is, you’d be really hurt. You’d be thinking, He supposedly loves me, but he has to force himself to dredge up the willpower to show me love?  Maybe he doesn’t really love me like he says he does.

You wouldn’t be hurt because he didn’t say “I love you” enough times.
You’d be hurt because of what it implied.

Maybe it means he doesn’t care about you.
Maybe, you might think, it means you really aren’t even all that lovable.

Sex works the exact same way for most men.  In the research, there seems to be no one standard amount of sex that men “need” to have; it is what sex signals to them that is important.  Your sexual actions signal: I desire you; You are desirable; I want to be with you in that way; You make me feel amazing; I want to show you how much I care about you; and on and on.

PrintWe women think of sex as being primarily a physical need for a man: but it isn’t.  One of a man’s deepest emotional needs is to feel that his wife desires him.  And if he sees that his wife desires him, it gives him a sense of well-being in all the other areas of his life.  But if she shows <big sigh> “Okay, fine, let’s get this over with,” then it is clear to him that she doesn’t desire him, he’s no good at trying to make her feel amazing, he must be completely undesirable… and that she doesn’t really care about him the way she says she does.

In the research with men and women, it was very clear that most women (although certainly not all) simply have a different type of desire than men. We need to be approached differently. Most women simply don’t think about sex as often as men do.

But let’s look at that “I love you” parallel for a moment.  The research was just as clear that men love their wives but simply don’t think about saying words of love as often as a woman might want, either.  Yet we rightly expect that men be purposeful about developing new habits of showing love.  We rightly expect them to learn how to do that, and do it enthusiastically (rather than under compulsion), because it is so emotionally important to us as women.

The same thing can be said of sex.  Now, yes, there are sometimes physical or emotional things that get in the way, and if that is true of you, please seek out professional help to address those issues.  But for many women, we just don’t realize how important it is to be purposeful about developing new habits of showing our husbands love in this way; of learning how to do it, and doing it enthusiastically because it is so emotionally important to our men.

Some women who just don’t think about sex and risk being too tired for it, have learned that one great solution is to schedule sex dates.  One woman I interviewed said that no matter what else was going on in their lives, and no matter what other times they might have sex, she and her husband always made time for intimacy on Sunday nights.  Although it didn’t fit the Hollywood ideal of tumbling into bed spontaneously, she discovered that in the real world, this was something that “got her thinking about it,” and she came to truly love that time together.  And so did her husband!

Although the average appears to be a few times a week, there is no one “right amount” of sex that men need. Instead, the one constant is his emotional need to feel that you desire him.  Find ways to show that, and you’ll probably see more love coming from him to you, too!

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This article was originally published here and is used with permission.

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  • Kate Logan

    I am really disappointed that a woman would write an article like this, glibly comparing saying I love you with having sex when you wouldn’t actually choose to – It makes a woman very vulnerable to do that. It is not the job of the woman to make a man feel amazing. A loving husband needs to understand that his wife may not always want to have sex and be tender and help her to feel safe enough to be intimate, not spit his dummy out that his wife isn’t making him feel loved.

    • Sam

      I think this article has some very valid points. It’s important that both husband and wife make the other feel desired and wanted. There are many ways to accomplish this and it may not be the same for everyone. For men, it is instinctual to associate being desired with wanting to have sex. For some men, being desired and wanting sex is the “I love you” that THEY need. But it’s not just about the act of having sex. It’s the desire itself. And communication is so important. Having to hear “I’m tired” over and over again isn’t constructive in a relationship. More often than not it’s not about being tired. It’s important to have an open dialogue about sex.

      • Kate Logan

        I completely agree communication is the key. Sorry for my harsh words before, I get so disappointed when Christian advice about sex seems to be about flattering the man’s ego not encouraging wives to talk to and most importantly pray with their husbands about sex. The advice seems to be sacrifice yourself, pretend you want to, you’ll enjoy it if you try it, which might be valid advice if the wife is just thinking I can’t be bothered, I’d rather watch tv. But where a relationship is struggling such advice can be quite damaging and cause even more hurts. My advice to the writer of this letter would be talk to your husband, be honest about your feelings and fears, pray with him, that is the way towards building intimacy, not pretending you want to when you don’t.

        • Phillip Derrick Gray

          Why would you have to pretend, at all? Presumably, you married your husband, not just because you love him, but also because you’re attracted to him. And if you’ve stayed married to him, and you enjoyed the sex, then why would you have to fake it? We’re not talking about a spouse’s cooking, here, or that awful shirt he wears or his ugly chair he loves, but you hate. Many people, especially those in a Christian relationship, don’t always like to admit that good, loving sex is as important to a lasting relationship as trust and understanding, but it is. If the “Song of Solomon” teaches Christians anything, it’s that sex is not a bad thing, it just requires responsibility. There’s no such thing as too much sex in a marriage, provided it’s just with each other and you’re both getting enough rest lol. But there is such a thing as too little sex in a marriage. I can understand being busy, tired, not feeling well and occasionally not being in the mood, but I don’t want my wife to fake it just to make me happy, that’s as bad as not doing it at all. If she has to force it, it tells me that I’m doing something wrong, or she’s not attracted to me, anymore. It can also make a person think, that they’re being cheated on. Maybe it’s a cliche, but it’s an old question, “if she’s/he’s not getting it from me, is she/he getting it from someone else?” Personally, I could have sex everyday, but I also have what’s referred to, as sexsomnia. It’s happened several times before, where if I wasn’t having enough, I would have sex in my sleep… and other stuff too, that I won’t discuss here. But, sometimes I’d wake up during, right after, or maybe not until the next day and then I wouldn’t remember a thing about it. So for me, it goes a little beyond just, simply wanting sex, because I can’t control what I do in my sleep.

    • Phillip Derrick Gray

      Um, I totally agree with it, she’s right on point. I’m dealing with this same issue, myself. But, why do you think of sex, as just sex? Why not call it, making love? Men and women aren’t a lot different, we all want to be desired by our partners, but sometimes it’s the method of desire, how we like to be desired, that’s different. Sex is important in any marriage and certainly so is love, but sometimes those two are one in the same. Man or woman, if sex is important to you, you may feel neglected, unwanted, undesired and unloved when you’re not getting any.

      • Drew Adkins

        Very well put. A loving husband will know when his wife cannot make love at the time for whatever reason. A loving wife will know when her husband needs sex, maybe not just wants it. We want to be needed. We have a need to be desired. But don’t ever withhold it for whatever whim, or make it a reward or bargaining chip. That is putting a price on love.

        • Shel

          You guys are unbelievable . What is wrong with you . Women have a choice to say yes or no . Get over yourselves . Learn to respect your wives for other things such as intelligence , perhaps ? Grow up .

          • Spillman

            If women, engaged to be married, are not willing to have sex with their husbands, and frequent sex, they should not marry them, thus sparing both of them agony.

          • Jerry

            This article is not about the woman’s needs. It’s about a man’s need for affection and desireabilty in the marriage. Are his needs not important? Assume he addresses all of her needs and respects her intelligence, etc. Doesn’t she want to take care of his needs also. The “get over yourselves” comment makes me believe you struggle in this area and probably have no understanding of men, or the dual effort it takes for a healthy relationship. Good luck to you.

          • yod1948

            What is wrong with “us”? We get married and think that we’d have the benefits of marriage. Is that so wrong?

          • Old Alaskan

            I certainly agree that in today’s culture, a woman needs to be supported in their right to make choices that are rightfully their’s to make. I certainly hope you support a man’s rightful choice then, to find an alternative way to get his sexual needs met if he has a partner who is no longer willing to participate regularly in that aspect of an intimate relationship.

          • Josiah Gaxx Isaboke

            …And this is exactly why this article was written. For women like you who think a man is programmed to do what you please or else…Relationships are about compromise and understanding. A man has his need just as a woman does.

    • Jc

      I feel like you must not understand men and that you are selfish. This women is intelligent and not everything has to be about the women and what she wants. Men should always try to make their wives happy as should women to their husband. Compromise is needed in a relationship. Everything this women wrote is very true.

    • Houston

      Well, she is quoting the Bible and quoting it in context. If you want a man to be tender…follow the instructions written in the book and see if your behavior doesn’t bring out the best in your man… if you want your husband’s love…be brave enough and strong enough to allow him to see your vulnerability …it says I trust you. And you may find him transforming before your eyes…it’s scarey but if he’s not a narcissist or a bully…it will work. Nothing melts a man’s heart like a woman’s vulnerability toward him.

    • Amber M Holub

      I agree.. Besides it goes both ways a man needs to makes his woman feel loved and appreciated. And sometimes it’s as easy as caressing her or simply telling her thank you. Women are typically emotion based mammals so in order to feel intamicy there has to be emotions to begin with.

    • AJ

      You must understand to a man:
      SEX = Loved and accepted

      When I say sex I’m referring to mutually enjoyable sex where the woman desires sex and allows herself to experience much pleasure. For woman 90% if sex us in their heads. If they don’t enjoy and desire it it’s because they have decided they don’t want to.

    • 2017Hayden

      I’m sorry Miss Logan, but you do realize how much of a double standard that is right? Your essentially saying that men don’t need to feel loved, and if they feel neglected it’s because they’re neglecting their wife. Relationships are mutual, both parties should be happy and satisfied by the terms of the relationship. Obviously there will be times when things can be rough for one or both parties in the relationship, but ultimately it should be a mutually fulfilling arrangement. What you were saying is that men have a responsibility to aid in their wife’s emotional wellbeing (I agree), but that women have no responsibility to aid in their husbands emotional well-being (I disagree). And before you say that sex isn’t part of a mans emotional well-being, take a look at any of the dozens of studies done on that topic, because they all say exactly the opposite.

  • Fustrated

    I want to know if it is possible for a woman and a man to love each other and the woman just is not into sex very much for the couple to be able to function as normal couples should. I have what I think is a normal sex drive, but my wife thinks it is “Over sex” thinking from me. We are in our early fifties and I think she is going thru that phase of life which is difficult for both men and women. I try to be understanding but my words are not as eloquent as I would like. I love and desire my wife very much and my wife LOVES me , but the desire doesn’t seem to be there. It has been a source of resentment when the subject comes up.

    • StanUlam

      Marriage is a Hell for men and a bank account for women.

      • GreenTara

        Not true at all. Numerous studies have proven that men are more happy in marriages than women. And here is a piece of advice for you: don’t even try to get married with your bad attitude. It will never work.

        • StanUlam

          Sure, backwards studies from the University of Garbage Feminist Social Sciences. Standards – learn them.

          • John Smith


        • Robin

          Agree- marriage typically benefits men much more than women. Women are not only wage earners but also primary caretakers of children and homes. Women have the responsibility of accomplishing many, many tasks on a daily basis, that will never register with most men. As far as a bank account, that’s laughable. Maybe in 1950. I make 2-3 times what my husband could ever make. It’s 2020 now. If you’re miserable, be a better person. You attract what you put out into the world.

  • Kyriel Skillings

    Ladies, understand your husband needs sex, men, make sure you are not treating your wife like your personal sex slave.

    • MariR

      Kyriel, there is a marvelous fix for this common dilemma: the guy needs to satisfy his own sexual needs by himself most of the time. Save the sexual intercourse with foreplay for the rare occasions when everything is right for it, as far as the woman goes.
      THIS is what nature intended.
      If masturbation were somehow improper, a guy wouldn’t be able to “make the grade” by himself, with his own hand. Just think about trying to tickle yourself; you can’t do it!
      Nature made it impossible.
      But not true with satisfying oneself sexually.
      ** Note: The above advice can keep many marriages together while preserving the man’s sanity.
      If the morality of PORN is of concern to you or your hubs, he CAN do the manly deed without viewing porn. It is possible.

      • Kyle

        If masturbation were sufficient, men would have no need to seek out women. Nature gave men strong sex drives so they can propagate the human race even in times of scarcity of mates. Monogamy, for men, is unnatural. So it’s a big deal when a man commits to limiting his sexual experiences to one woman for a lifetime. If a woman expects her man to be faithful, she should make herself available to him sexually. If not… nature is telling him, “there’s no sex to be had here… seek it elsewhere.” so he’ll either cheat or just be frustrated which can eventually lead to anxiety and depression. Masturbation may help with the urges in the short term, but it will still leave him emotionally depleted in the long run.

        • Suicidal

          Kyle you have just summarised my life. I live with my partner in pretence. I act happy but every day I fantasize about actually meeting someone who will take care of my sexual needs. She told me that she is unwilling to help me out, instead she authorises me to go and look for a sex partner.

          I am the most depressed and frustrated human being on the planet. I need sex, if I can find someone who can prioritise this need for me, there will be nothing that I can’t do for that person. Even if she woke up tomorrow and said she wanted me to buy her a car, I will go and create debts just to make her happy.

          She always forces me to eat food and how I wish she could do that with “real” food for me.

          I am just so sad…

        • Parker

          It can be argued that nature is the reason a lot of people do things, but it does not mean we should do them. After all, people aren’t animals. We have self control whether you like it or not. I hope you are aware that one of the most cited arguments in favor of rape is that it is an “act of nature”, but it is obviously just an act of evil. The nature argument does not hold even in your case. Also, I assure you that no one is praising men for being faithful when they should be faithful, especially if the relationship is exclusive. To be painstakingly clear, women don’t owe men anything, not even sex. And if that’s a deal breaker for you, break up with the person before you decide to cheat and spare her the heartbreak. You cannot blame women for your inability to stay faithful, so stop looking for excuses. In short, grow up, stop citing sex as a weakness, and just stop making everything about sex.

        • C Storelli

          I don’t think monogamy is natural for anyone. Therefore it has to be a choice, just my insights

      • StanUlam

        No, better is a hot mistress who doesn’t complain all the time between spending money and eating like the wife does. Everyone wins!

        • Amber M Holub

          Then the men shouldnt keep telling their wives to choose where to eat and maybe she complains about how money is spent because she has expectations and dreams for a better future.

          • StanUlam

            Hahahahahaha! 0_o
            Empowered. Beautiful.

          • john

            my wife and I never go out to eat hell I don’t even associate with her. Plus I won’t even talk to her! As far as I’m concerned she can go to dinner with another guy or woman.

        • GreenTara

          No, better for women to have a husband that actually helps around the house and cares about someone else other than himself. Good luck finding your hot mistress, she does not exist.

          • StanUlam

            Doesn’t matter what a husband does – he’ll still lose the kids, house and savings in a divorce. Hence the complete disaster of marriage in America where women have no standards and no accountability in a marriage.

          • John Smith


          • john

            you are so right

      • Amber M Holub

        I can tickle myself by scratching the bottom of my feet.

      • AJ

        You are very much missing the point. I man wanting to share sex with his wife is more about him knowing she cares and desires him than it is about physical release. No amount of “making the grade” with his hand can take the place of this. Also, no man is really content with a wife who “gives” him sex. Us men want our wives to WANT sex and THOUROGHLY enjoy it. Any happily married couple will have sex frequently.

      • John Smith

        I wouldn’t want to married and celibate.I refuse. I would be better off single.

  • yod1948

    Ladies, it isn’t about sex so much (though that is important) as it is about affection. My local Pastor confided that almost all marriage counseling he does these days are because the husband feels undesired by his wife, which manifests in her being hurt by his response to that.
    Regularly give him a passionate kiss just because you want to. He may interpret that as a sexual advance the first few times but after a while you’ll find that he just really wants a hug.

  • Amy Camille Denton

    Perfect, after I work a 12 hour shift, make dinner and straighten up I’m really going to feel frisky. Guys, make sure you’re in shape, clean and nice to your spouse. Make sure you talk to your spouse. It sure is hard to warm up to someone who doesn’t speak to you all day until he wants sex. It sure is hard to warm up to someone who doesn’t participate in caring for the home, sits while you clean after being at work all day, watches you wash the dishes. Sure is hard to warm up to a selfish person. And, by golly, I would say no just out of self preservation.

    • MariR

      Perfect answer. Couldn’t have said it better!

      • Hollo Stripez

        I disagree, sounds like to perfect woman to a complete piece of shit husband

        • Kyle McNellis

          Maybe you should date each other. I am not a piece of shit but only a low life, foul moth women like you seems a perfect piece of shit who is likely divorced. I can’t believe a guy exists who would be desperate enough to have sex with you as long as knot holes in fences exist with such a quick mean tongue. I don’t know why you are here. I was nice. You clearly don’t care. Please leave and try spreading your venom elsewhere. Getting lots of love, I’m sure

    • Kyle

      Never mind. Just keep making excuses for all the reasons you have for neglecting your husband. When you wed did you tell your husband that sex with you was conditional.
      Simply talking with him about what you need helps.
      He may need a shower but I bet you are ripe after a long day. Perhaps a quick shower together would be nice.
      Husbands can only take so many insults and demeaning until you find he has a younger, nicer version who doesn’t seem so put out about something a normal woman enjoys too.

      • Amber M Holub

        I’m 22 my husband is 38 I’m
        pregnant and he doesn’t try to work up to it anymore he has an erection and tells me to take care of it he wasn’t like this before our miscarriage or before this pregnancy or even before marriage so is it my fault his “needs” aren’t met?
        What’s better than being young and a beautiful Italian woman. What’s not to love right. I also feel emotionally neglected. So why should I put out if he puts my emotions out like the lit end of a cigarette?

      • GreenTara

        Numerous studies have proven that most men help out very little in the home. A woman cannot have sex if she is feeling taken advantage of and exhausted. Men have been advised for years to help their wives out at home but many cannot be bothered. Where is the husband’s effort and responsibility to make his wife feel loved and appreciated? I do not see any at all on his part. Sounds to me like he deserves the insults and is responsible for this sad state of affairs.

    • AJ

      Maybe if you had an open and honest discussion with your husband about what you need from him he would help out , if with some of the your hchores siredaround usbandthe house. Also, if you desired him sexually and showed him willingly how much you desire him and WANT to have frequent sex with him it would change his entire attitude. It would definitely open him up to be more emotionally open and connected to you.

      • GreenTara

        Maybe they already had that discussion and this is what she got. Numerous studies have proven that most men help out very little in the home. A woman cannot have sex if she is feeling taken advantage of and exhausted. Men have been advised for years to help their wives out at home but many cannot be bothered. You are asking again for the woman to make the effort in this, to show her desire. Where is the husband’s effort and responsibility to make his wife feel loved and appreciated? I do not see any at all on his part.

      • Amy Camille Denton

        It’s not helping out if you both live there. They are not “my chores”. The chores belong to everyone in the household. I’ve had the discussion time after time. We both work and we both live here. Basically this is how it went. On days off doesn’t interact with me all day until ready for sex. Then after sex, off he goes…no pillow talk, no cuddleing,…I am now a service station, an, we are divorced. Talking does not help and neither does the exhausting task of spelling out what obviously needs to be done over and over again. I don’t need a child for a spouse. And if I can’t have a lovemaking experience, a connection of mind and heart, I’m not interested.

  • Tessa

    I dont care much for the analogy..The difference is you don’t need to be feeling like you love someone In order to say I love you.
    I tell my husband I love him even if im not feeling it at the time, but I cant just have sex anyway if im not in the mood. I’ve tried.. It’s painful. I was trapped in that situation for 5 years to the point I hated sex because of the void it was creating.
    I went to a business seminar that ended up teaching about relationships too and my entire perspective was changed, we have sex almost every day i actually want it more than my husband and i can say the part in the article about husbands just wanting to be desired by there wife might play a part in this because my husband can go a week without even mentioning sex now and will cuddle me without trying to inniate, because he knows i want him, he doesnt constantly try for validation..and I love it, I love my marriage now instead of secretly wanting out.
    The lady that did the seminars name was dani johnson, best decision I ever made to go to that seminar..

  • Karen Carloni

    I know that this author was answering a specific question but I must submit the following: I think it does a disservice to marriages and to women to imply that women are not as sexual as men. Books on marriage very frequently give advice of this sort. However, an increasingly large number of marriages in our society are non-sexual. Many times it is the man who is not willing to maintain the sexual relationship. It could be due to other marital issues, a medical problem, an ongoing affair, pornography addiction, erectile dysfunction, drug issues or even a personality disorder. We need to start correcting the assumptions and putting this in terms of partnership. What happens when one partner wants something that is important and precious to them and the other doesn’t or at least not as often? When it is sex it is particularly important because it is a biological drive and if you have agreed to monogamy you are holding your partner hostage to your lack of interest. This is grown up stuff. Each partner has to grow up and negotiate in good faith.

    • Angela Kroger

      I feel you 100 % , my husband won’t have sex with me! I feel like I am the only one with this problem!

      • John Smith

        You have to always ask yourself questions. Why won’t he have sex with you? i think the #1 reason many men don’t want to have sex with there wife is she has become overweight. 2/3 of women in the united states are obese or overweight. I know that there can be other problems that are not the woman’s fault but this is one I hear consistently from married men.

        • David

          I totally disagree with you, John. I’ve been married 25 years, and my wife’s figure has very little to do with sexual fulfillment for me. It’s what was written in this article that is the game changer. It’s spot-on! If a wife takes on-board what Shanti has written here, it will change everything. I have also counseled many married men, and this definitely lines up with the majority of men with whom I have met. This is why porn is such a problem. Porn producers have learned to tap into this emotional longing men have to feel desired by a woman. Porn producers are using that longing to take men captive and to destroy lives, when Godly women could be using it to build their husbands up and strengthen the marriage.


          100% disagree even studies have shown men dont see theor wife in much difrent way then they did years ago. Ussually men shutting down has to do with to much pressure or stress. Of he is expected to perform at a high level all the time at worl at home and im the bed room the bed room may be the first thing to go.

  • Frustrated

    I don’t understand how its okay for men to always want sex and a women “has” to accommodate their needs when a women not wanting sex all the time is a horrible thing. Where is the balance in that?

  • timmcguire

    A woman told me that her husband needed to earn her respect with his actions. I asked her what she was doing to earn his love, then. She didn’t like the question.

    It seems to me that in a successful marriage, both partners sometimes engage in activities that they are less enthusiastic about than their spouse is, but they do so because they know their life partner enjoys it and they make the decision to try to enjoy the activity because it makes the person they love happy. That activity might be going out for Asian food, or attending the ballet or opera, or going to a ball game, or yes, having sex.

  • Eugene

    Most Men and a Women are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves solo. I hear people say “I work, I clean, I make food, etc..” like that gives them an excuse to not care for their partners. If you’re incapable to be a spouse because you “work/cook/clean/responsibilities”, then why did you get married ? I think too many couples 1) forget what it was that brought them together and 2) get complacent and stop trying . Generally women want a provider, someone caring and supportive; Men generally want someone sexually attractive, fun, caring and supportive. When these things go by the wayside because (enter excuse). Resentment enters marriage, and here we are complaining about each other.

  • Broken


  • Diane U

    With me, I’m too freaking tired. I work in a stressful place and over 40…and so is he. Anyone heard that cuddlying nicely and sleeping is a good thing. Sadly, he filed for divorce and I suppose he’s getting it elsewhere when he wants it. Stupid old bull.

  • Sarah Isaacs Hogan

    This is a bullshit answer and a bullshit analogy. It puts the entire health of the relationship on the woman’s shoulders or rather vagina. Intimacy and love are not the same as sex. Yes all can exist simultaneously but they may not. A woman shouldn’t be expected to have sex. Ever. And why assume it’s the woman’s fault to begin with? What if the husband demands sex three times a day to feel “loved”? Or the husband that is absent 90% of the time, only showing interest when sex is the conclusion? This perpetuates the idea that women are only here to serve men.