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How To Make Your Marriage Really Work

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We’ve all heard the startling statistics saying 50% or more of today’s marriages will not survive. That’s an estimate. What we know for sure is that every year 200,000 new marriages end before the couples’ second anniversary.

That’s tragic.

The numbers can be massaged and debated, but most marriage experts agree that divorce is steadily chipping away at our society. For too many of today’s new couples marriage has become “till divorce do us part.”

The truth is, that most couples prepare more for their wedding than they do for their marriage.

We are out to change this.
We want to help make sure that marriages can stand the test of time, not just until the honeymoon is over.

We have been blown away by the work of Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott and are so thrilled to partner with them on this new marriage assessment.

Please watch the video below:

We think know this marriage assessment tool can really help many couples, old or new, because it offers each person a better understanding of their spouse. Check out a sample report from of one couple here.

You can read a lot more about Dr Les and Leslie Parrott and this amazing new marriage assessment at

This is worth 5 minutes of your time so check it out.


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  • Rich

    I have recently learned of my spouses’ previous relationship which was over a year long and serious, this was a surprise. We have been married for 13 years and was told by her before we were married that she never had a serious relationship. I learned of this through casual conversation with her college friends and now I am upset and feel betrayed. Should I feel this way?

    • anonymous

      You must forgive her and don’t be upset… to make mistakes is a quality of human beings. If she is loyal to you now, you must forget what was happened in past. And as far as her lie is concerned it was only spoken to live a whole life with you… So just forgive her for that ?