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Sex Is Confusing- 10 Sex Facts

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Most people wont read long articles. This one is worth it. 
Here are ten sex facts that I learned from reading it in case you want the cliff notes.
  • Most people unhappy in marriage are unhappy with sex are because they are having no sex to little sex.
  • Most people unhappy in a relationship say its because of abuse and then sex.
  • Boy friends seem to avoid sex more then girlfriends.
  • In marriage sex avoidance is the same with women as it is men.
  • Men say they have sex 63 times a year.
  • Women say they have sex 55 times a year.
  • Men think about their penis more then anything else on their body.
  • Most men are insecure about the size of their penis.
  • Married people exaggerate how much sex they are having.
  • On average married men say they have sex once a week.
  • Sexless relationships are complained about in marriage and out of marriage.
  • Women rarely care about penis sizes considering how much men seem to be concerned.
  • Men have more insecurities about sex then women? this was a shock.
  • Worry less about sex and have more of it.

sex facts

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