I love my spouse but we never have sex

That’s okay! The great thing about sex is that—barring any medical challenges—it’s almost always going to be something you can wind up coming back to. You’re never going to get any younger, but chances are good you’ll be able to get back to having sex like you did when you were younger.

That said, there’s probably a fairly good reason you aren’t having sex now. Perhaps you’re just caught up in the busy-ness of life and find that, when the time arrives for forging intimacy through sex, you’re both just exhausted and would rather sleep. Perhaps you have young children who need constant supervision. Or perhaps there’s a deeper issue of trust in one or both of you, and perhaps that stems from a past experience that’s holding you back.

Whatever the reason, we’re confident that, with just a little help and whole lot of the most fun homework you’ll ever have, you and your spouse will be back in one another’s arms in a healthy, whole, and productive way. Please feel free to browse the resources below.



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