My marriage is a wreck and I’m considering divorce

This is a heartbreaking place to be. It’s definitely not what you signed up for when you said, “I do.”

We hear you.
We understand you.
And you know what? We’re for you.

No one considers divorce a light matter. There are an incredible number of factors that go into getting a divorce, and rarely is it the kind of decision that you can feel good about. Sometimes a marriage is worth rescuing, and other times, maybe it isn’t.

No matter how your marriage got to the place where it is now, it is possible, however, to find resolution, redemption, and restoration. It’s going to take a lot of work—from both you and your spouse. But if you can find the hope to keep going in a healthy, satisfying, and productive way, then we think you can make it and avoid the costly process of divorce.

But how can you find that hope? We have some suggestions.


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