The commitment is there but we have no passion

Do you ever find yourself looking at your spouse, maybe over the breakfast or dinner table, sitting there in silence and thinking to yourself, ‘What happened to us? Why is there no passion happening here?’

You’re not alone. You used to have such a vibrant relationship; you loved each other unconditionally. You were on the same page in everything. You could stay up late into the night talking to one another about the smallest things. You turned to one another before you turned to your TV, your smartphone, or your social media network.

But now? The thrill is gone. You feel no passion. Life has gotten in the way and, while neither of you is thinking of walking away, you’re just uncomfortably treading water while waiting for the rest of your life to get here.

That can be a pretty bleak thought, but we hope we can encourage you so that, when you look to the future, you don’t see a gray, featureless landscape, but you see a once-more vibrant and colorful life of enjoyment and fulfillment with your spouse! Here are some suggested resources that can help you get that passion back.


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