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What Do I Do When He Wants Me To Send Him Sext Messages

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I had to laugh.  If you asked my husband it might be “What do I do when my wife WON’T stop sexting me at work!”  I have tried to make this an art form and have gotten a little ummm (cough cough) creative with it.  I love for my husband to read it and be a little shocked, a little turned on, and to know I am thinking about him…..really thinking about him.

This may be super uncomfortable for you; this may be something you do not feel is okay to do.  I would suggest you work at your comfort level and maybe explore why this freaks you out.  Good questions to ask are…..

  1. Will anyone else see his messages?
  2. Is it a work phone?
  3. Is there a way to get your point across in a way you are comfortable with? AKA: not so dirty?

My hubby deletes things after I send them……so I know he reads it and then it’s gone! One time I sent something meant ONLY for him to my BFF….oooops.  She and I had a good laugh about it.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT NAME !!!

It may be good to ask him why this would be fun or exciting for him.  Why does he want you to sext him?  It may seem obvious but maybe there is something deeper there.  Maybe instead of something dirty he is looking for “Have a great day, thanks for working so hard for us!” or “Thank you for helping around the house yesterday….THAT was a TURN ON!”  Marriage is all about compromise and working it out.  Open talk about this topic will help.  But I say GO FOR IT.

This article was originally published here and is used with permission.

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